Toughest of Sahyadri, AMK Trek

The most difficult and therefore famous range trek in Maharashtra is AMK Trek. The three impenetrable fortresses of Alang, Madan and Kulang all travel in this trek. To do this trek, it is the dream of everyone who wanders Sahyadri. And when the monsoon begins to cool off, many people leave for the trek.

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Sandhan Valley Trek and Camping

Sandhan Valley is also known as Valley of Shadows which is famous among trekkers and attracts adventure lovers from around the globe. This water carved valley which is located on the western side of the beautiful Bhandardara region is nearly 300ft deep and about 3 Km long. Sandhan valley is surrounded by many famous trekking […]

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Torna to Rajgad Range Trek

Climbing from one fort to another is the best experience for everyone, and Torna and Rajgad are forts with great archaeological and historical significance. Both forts are must-visit forts and our archaeological experts have a lot to talk about these forts. Not only are our trekking experts ready to give you the best but it […]

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