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We have many tour categories, you can go for your favorite category and choose a suitable tour. But we will recommend you to choose a tour from our Upcoming Tours section. It is easy to take you on the preplanned group tour than organizing the whole tour just for you. Our blog with adventurous experiences, tips, etc. will help you choose the right tour for you.

We have a special discount for CND Membership cardholders. We also provide group discounts up to a group of 5 or more people. We arrange personalized tours if informed at least a week in advance. Fill up the inquiry form and let us know you are interested.

To assure the safety of our guests, our tour leaders carry first aid kits and safety equipments wherever it is required. Our tour leaders had studied rescue techniques and ready to take rapid action in case of any emergency during the tour. There’s nothing to worry about if you are following Tour Leaders’ orders.

40. The number of people attending a group tour depends on the actual booking for that particular tour.

After successful booking, our team member will call you for confirmation, and before two days of departure, you will be added to Our WhatsApp group where you and other trek mates will get all necessary information about the tour you booked.

City Next Door has all the technical equipments for adventurous activities we offer. Sometimes we arrange equipments locally or we carry all equipments with us to the location of an activity. Before any adventurous activity, our tour leaders always introduce guests with technical equipments, their use, tips and instructions to follow, etc. If adventurous activity is difficult for guests, we showcase demonstration of an activity to understand it better.

Yes, you can, but on your own responsibility. Children under the age of three are not capable of adventurous tours. But if you are sure about your kid, you can take your kid on the tour with the permission of the tour leader.

You can book for any of our upcoming tours from the day we put our tour for booking to at least two days before departure. For some tour, we offer On The Spot bookings too. But, your booking will be confirmed after checking the availability of seats.

The age limit for every adventurous tour is different. Kids under the age of three are not capable of the adventurous tours but allowed for camping and nature trails. A person with the age of more than 60 years is capable of adventurous tours if he’s ready on his own responsibility and only if his physical and medical conditions allow him.

We always try to provide Home Made Authentic Maharashtrian Food wherever it is possible. If not, we provide tasty food from the nearest restaurant.

Kindly visit our Medical Disclaimer page and Terms and Condition page to check whether you are fit for a tour or not. We may ask you for a medical check-up if it is required. Check the endurance level and difficulty level before booking your seat.

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