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A few years ago, the journey to Sahyadri just aimed to understand the history, the architecture, the food culture, the stories, and the adventures! But this wandering got continuity as we all fell in love with Sahyadri.

After studying subjects like history, archeology, mountaineering, first aid from certified institutions, we started City Next Door in 2018. Back in the days, we used to trek once in a month, and now we travel almost every weekend. We haven’t wasted a Sunday since we started City Next Door; we even got a really good company of many who have joined our adventurous treks. The difficulty level, adventure, and endurance increases in our events every weekend as we are introducing different types of treks to our travel buddies.

Understanding need, budget, and taste of our adventure buddies, we have started various treks and events from time to time. Along with treks, we even started Heritage Walks which unravel the history of different places and heritage buildings situated in the middle of our own city.

A ‘Trek Break’ initiative is underway to take school children in the embrace of Sahyadri and introduce them to the glorious history of Maharashtra and the impregnable forts. The family of City Next Door is growing every week because of this constant wandering.

This journey, which started with the grace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the blessings of Goddess Jagdamba, will continue like this. Every week we set out on a new journey and we look forward to inviting you to join us on this journey. So pack your bag and get ready for an adventurous weekend!

Our Mission

To Provide a unique travel experience for everybody in a sustainable, honest, and transparent way.

Our Vision

It is our vision that we want to be a leading example of a tour operator demonstrating sustainable tourism. We want to grow by offering more and a wider range of unique tours, develop from travel agency to tour operator, and expand our visibility on the web.


Values we care about

Whether you come into contact with us as a customer or as a supplier, what can you expect from us in terms of attitude and behavior? What characterizes City Next Door? The following core values apply to City Next Door:


City Next Door works with honest employees, with honest, fair, and competitive market prices. We strive to demonstrate honest behavior towards our environment (clients, suppliers, and other parties who we conduct business with).


City Next Door strives to be clear in our products, services, and processes. Be transparent to our direct environment.


Clients come in the first place, City Next Door strive for an optimal service level in order to get the clients best value for his tour. To achieve this we look for the best people and operators involved in our business and we design our services and products in the best way.


City Next Door likes to give tailor-made advice as every person is different with different wishes. It means personal commitment, aimed at establishing a temporary, personal bond which enables us to really help you to get the best value for your tour.  It also means a friendly service with a smile, with some humor.

Sustainable Tourism

City Next Door conducts business in a sustainable way. We also take into account the interest of the local people, preserve the cultural heritage, we take care of our environment, and focusing economically on long term results and fair economic practices.


We take our business very seriously. It means our behavior is correct, objective, balanced, efficient, and reliable. We are down to earth in the way we conduct business.


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When I started visiting forts, I had amazing experiences, like eating food straight from the ‘Chula’, trekking every weekend, exploring the place in every angle which we never read in any book, listening stories from locals, and getting to know the real history of the place, understanding it in an archeological manner and meeting like-minded people who made my journey more interesting. History became an interesting subject and trekking became my new passion. The love for history and adventure gave me the power to start my adventure company and I did it because along with me, I wanted other people to explore every historic place situated in Maharashtra.

Dipesh Vedak

Founder, City Next Door


Visiting Raigad fort is one of my best childhood memory. Exploring the vast expanse of Raigad had left me with a distinct impression about forts. My curiosity to explore the forts or historical places might have started with my first step in Raigad. From childhood to adulthood, I have studied and explored various forts and monument and has developed a unique prospect toward them.
So as Margaret fuller has rightly said “If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it” With this thought, I have started this company to share my knowledge and experiences with other like-minded folks.

Atharv Bedekar

Co-Founder, City Next Door

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